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What  are  mala  beads?

People use mala beads in meditation to track their breaths or mantras or prayers. Many wisdom traditions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, other religions, and even non-religious practices – use beads during meditation or prayer to help focus on their practice rather than simply keeping count. The practitioner simply holds the mala beads between their thumb and finger and moves to a new bead with each repetition.

Why  Trek  Mala?

As a meditator and lover of the outdoors, I combine my practice with my time in nature. Whether camping, hiking, or canoeing in all kinds of weather, I take my meditation practice with me.

The problem I encountered was that most mala beads, while lovely, are delicate and don’t last long in outdoor activities.

I looked for mala beads made of sturdier materials but never found what I needed. So I decided to make them myself using paracord and other materials better suited for frequent use in different environments. Thus, Trek Mala was born, and now I have a rugged tool for my adventurous practice.

Trek Malas are intended to go with you. If you find malas useful in your practice, you don't have to leave them behind on your next adventure. This is especially helpful if you, like me and so many others, find the outdoors to be an inspiring and helpful place to meditate and practice mindfulness.

How to Meditate with Your Trek Mala

Starting at the marker bead (the big one), hold the beads between your finger and thumb.

As you breathe, or repeat a mantra, or take slow steps, move your thumb to the next counting bead.

When you reach the marker bead again, you have completed a cycle. You can be done or start again.